3 Boxes MagnaVita
3 Boxes MagnaVita

3 Boxes MagnaVita

Price : $119.00(Vat included)
Discounted : $104.00(Vat included)

MAGNAVİTA 30 Tablets

In a very saturated dose of 4 minerals and vitamins, which the whole world considers to be the basis of Immunity
contains a combination of a single sachet.

It consists of 1 box of MagnaVita 30 notched tablets.

In each sachet contains: 

  • 10 mg Zinc,
  • 1000 micrograms (1mg) of vitamin B12
  • 1000 IU (25 micrograms) vitamin D3,
  • 100 mg of magnesium element...

SUPPORTS IMMUNITY, GIVES ENERGY.                                                             


1 tablet per day can be taken on an empty stomach or 45 minutes after meals

If your physician does not recommend another dose, 1 tablet per day is used in all adults aged 11 years and older.

As a recommendation of Dr. Savan Günay, half a tablet can be used in the 4-11 age group because the tablets are notched.

It is recommended to use it every day. After 12 months of use, blood levels are checked.



1) It is one of the locomotive molecules of the strengthening of the immune system.

2) Serious protection against Viral and Bacterial Diseases. ...

3) It is one of the Golden vitamins of immunity...

4) It increases the number and quality of sperm in men very seriously...         

5) Preserves bone strength.        

6) Helps reduce respiratory tract infections

7) It is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. ...


9) High doses are a serious support for cancer prevention and treatment in metastases and are very important...

10) Promotes fertility in high doses. In vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women, one of the main causes of serious irreversible psychiatric disorders in the child to be born is vitamin D deficiency.



1) It supports immunity seriously, it is a very important mineral.

2) In its deficiency, serious intraoral and lip side lesions are seen...

3) Strengthens the hair and gives it a silky look...

4) Strengthens the nail structure, removes breakage, lineage and white spots on the nail...

5) Revitalizes the skin structure and reduces wrinkles. Gives the skin a healthy look...                                  

6) In severe deficiency, there may be problems with the sense of taste and smell...

7) Prevents macular degeneration... (Yellow Dot)

8) Supports accelerating wound healing.

9) It is good for chronic fatigue.                      



1) Supports delaying cell aging. Supports skin revitalization and brightening.                    

2) It seriously supports preventing forgetfulness and memory problems by converting carbohydrates into energy and regulating the sugar metabolism needed by the brain as it improves the use of sugar.

3) Supports protection against breast, colon, prostate, lung cancers.

4) It is a very important element that supports the immune system.

5) It is very important when it comes to weight control, vitamin B12 prevents fatigue and fatigue as it increases body energy.

6) Panic attacks, Anxiete (internal unrest) Depression helps to prevent along with treatment.

7) Supports drug treatment in chronic pain that occurs at low back, neck, back pain, nerve junctions.



 1) Supports healthy bone development.

2) Helps in calcium absorption.

3) Supports the reduction of diabetes symptoms

4) Takes care of heart health.

5) Helps relieve headaches due to migraine

6) It helps to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

7) Supports reducing inflammation (inflammation).

8) Improves your exercise performance.

9) Supports the prevention of Restless Legs Syndrome and muscle cramps.

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