Who is Mr. Gunay? 

My family roots are based on the Karamanoglu Principality. I was born in Ankara in 1967. I received my primary education at Ankara Çankaya Primary School. I studied middle school as a boarding student at Izmir Turkish College. After completing my high school education at Antalya College, I started at Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine in 1984. I became a Medical Doctor in 1990. I started to work as the Head of the Ankara Etimesgut Health Group in 1991. In 1992, I continued my duty as an Emergency Service Physician at Antalya State Hospital. Then I took a break from medicine for 1 year and served as the Deputy Chairman of the Youth Branch of a political party. At the same time, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the time, the late Mr. I assumed the political consultancy of Veysel Atasoy. Apart from this, I started my specialty training in Medicine at Ankara Training and Research Hospital in 1994. After my four-year Specialization Training, I was appointed to Antalya State Hospital in 1998 as a Child Health and Diseases Specialist. I continued my duty as Clinical Chief until 2006. I left the civil service at my own Will. In line with the demands received in Antalya, I served in various private health institutions. For a long time, I wrote a column on health in the Mediterranean supplement of Sabah newspaper.

At the same time, these programs were broadcast on Bengü Türk TV as a package.
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I made TV programs about healthy life for a long time on Antalya's national broadcasting channel, Eyilik TV and VTV. At the same time, I made literary programs on the VTV channel, which started as a hobby and then turned into a professional work. "Turkish Flag" that I wrote and is still used for training motivation in many barracks of the Turkish Armed Forces. At the same time, the valuable wife's of our 10th President, educator, Mr. It was appreciated by Ms. Semra Sezer and was taken to the Presidential Archives.

I have 33 years of medical doctor and a 23 years of pediatrician experience. I worked in my practice as a freelance physician in Antalya for many years. In 2020, due to climatic conditions, I moved to Eskişehir. For many years, I tried to determine the needs of my country and the world's children in the field of health. When I saw that many diseases were completely eliminated as a result of the factory setting of immunity with vitamins and minerals suitable for the IMMUNE SUPPORT food codex, which I NAMED ISAK (IMMUNE SYSTEM ACTIVATION COMBINATION), which I started to apply in my practice 15 years ago. I channel my work in this way. In this journey, which I started by raising the immunity of around 15,000 children and then adults, I carried out research and development studies in order to reach more people. I MANAGE DR. MUSTAFA SAVAN GUNAY HEALTH IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY, which I established in 2021 to serve my country and humanity to larger masses, I manufacture coupon products for my country and humanity,  I will continue my medication in this sector. Immunity is everything. I Will continue my work with the blief that no disease can rule the body for along time if immun is in stopped!.

                                               NOW YOU CAN ONLY OBTAIN IT FROM MAGNANOVA7.COM ADDRESS.

              Dr. M. Savan Gunay, 
          Child Health and Patient Specialist
             DR. MSG Co. Ltd.

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