3 Boxes MagnaSiti 150 ml Syrup
3 Boxes MagnaSiti 150 ml Syrup

3 Boxes MagnaSiti 150 ml Syrup

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                               MagnaSiti 150 ml Syrup

It is extremely easy to drink with its flavor and aroma with real orange flavor.

MagnaSiti is the first liquid molecular complex of our country and the world, which contains Citicoline, B12 and Biotin (Vitamin B7, H) together.

Supports children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)...

It will help prevent aggression and difficulty concentrating in our special children (Autism, Atypical autism, etc.).

It can also be used in adults over 4 years of age and with a difference in dose without age limitation.

In adults, it can be used as a support for the treatment of forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, memory confusion, stress-related symptoms.

At the same time, it can be used as a support for your treatment in Glaucoma (Eye Pressure) patients by consulting your ophthalmologist physician.

It is a patent belonging to Dr. M.Savan Günay, Pediatrician and OHS Professional of 35 years, and is in production in our country and on the production line in the United States. It is produced in limited numbers in our country and the coupon is a molecular complex.

Recommended dose amount in MagnaSiti:

It is extremely successful in terms of taste and aroma

Can be used from the age of 4.            

4-10 years:

2.5 ml(half a dessertspoon) in the morning 1 time a day is ideal.

In this age group, 1 box is sufficient for 2 months of use.


If your physician deems it necessary, the dose amount can be planned as 2x2.5ml 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

                For all ages 11 and over(Adults also use):   

It is convenient to give 5ml in the morning 1 time per day.

In cases requiring extreme attention, this dose can be planned as 1 dessertspoon(5ml) in the morning and evening in adults over 11 years of age and adults who experience excessive exam stress.


Over the age of 11, daily intake can be divided into 2 doses, 5 ml in the morning and evening or in a single dose, 10 ml...

These doses are the recommended doses, not the institutional recommendation.

In special children aged 4-11 years, the daily dose should not exceed 2x5 ml.

In special children and adults over 11 years of age, the total daily dose should be maximum 2x7.5 ml.

Recommendations for use

Although it is not an institutional proposal, the main one is the dose range within the scope of the legislation of the ministry of food and agriculture

and these recommendations have been made within the limits of the legislation provisions of the relevant ministry.


MagnaSiti is not a medicine.

It never will.


                 Call +90 530 039 67 77 for the Support Line or send an e-mail to info@magnanova7.

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